Thai-language Headlines of March 16, 2012

Komchadluek, March 16, 2012
– Hunting a taxi that grabs gold worth 13 million baht because a passenger forgot.
– Panita begged Poo [PM Yingluck] to call off her transfer from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. [more about the transfer of the permanent secretary of the ministry]
– Laos and Myanmar coordinated together to intercept the production sources of drugs.
– 300,000 cold medicine pills are missing from the hospital in Kalasin province. They were [used for illicit] drug production.

Matichon, March 16, 2012
– Panita cried and claimed that they investigate the wrong person. 
– Thaksin will celebrate Songkran in Laos and left from Cambodia already. 
– Mr. Padermchai is clearing the head hunter issue with the Jews’ ambassador. [regarding the scandal of Thai overseas workers who are fleeced by Thai employment companies – and yes, in Thai, it is usually “Jews” and not “Israeli”]
– Poo worries that everything is more expensive. She will urgently call a meeting with the Ministry of Commerce.

Thairath, March 16, 2012
– A millionairess is so kind that she let her daughter get married with a Honda guy [a man who works for Honda–not a hi-so person who a Thai tycoon would want their daughter to marry] and won’t take any dowry from him and will give a big sum of money as well.
– Panita cried in the press conference and wanted to sue Mr. Santi that investigated the wrong person. [more about the transfer of the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security]
– TVs snatched at Uncle Iam. [meaning TV programs are scrambling to get an interview with the beggar who donated a million baht to a temple]
– A wealthy Chinese man from Ubon Ratchathani forgot his gold valued at 12 million baht.

Daily News, March 16, 2012
– A wealthy Chinese forgot 540 baht weight of gold in a taxi.
– Panita cries in her press conference and aims to sue Mr. Santi.
– A 17-year-old girl found a horrible iamge of a headless ghost. [in a photo she took]
– Benzine 91-95 price was increased again by 1 baht.

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