Thai-language Headlines of March 15, 2012

Komchadluek, March 15, 2012
– Seized – 400 rais of rubber plantation which was the southern terrorists’ residence. [part of a major effort to seize criminal assets that fuel the violence in the Thai deep south]
– Arrested – resort gang that murdered a foreign guest and his Thai wife to rob them.
– Exposed – Mr. Disthat [Disthat Kamprakorb, MP of Nakorn Sawan] has 2 ID cards. [referring to a Pheu Thai MP who was judged not to fulfill residency requirements before running for office]
– Arrested – 2 girls that stole infants from hospitals.

Thairath, March 15, 2012
– People were surprised that a old kind beggar gave a one million baht donation to a temple.
– Democrats praised Panita as a good person who was cheated. [referring to the transfer of the permanent secretary of Social Development and Human Security]
– Football gambler was shot dead in his car.
– Southern terrorists shot to attack a teacher’s house located near Mr. Wannor’s place [the former parliament president]

Matichon, March 15, 2012
– The Office of Election Commission of Thailand’s resolution is that Mr. Disthat was wrong because of the double ID card.
– Mr. Padermchai ordered canceling the flights for 6000 laborers. [to go to Israel to work]
– The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security wear black today to oppose Panita’s transfer. [referring to the transfer of the permanent secretary of Social Development and Human Security]
– Gasoline price increases effect speed boats – they stop transportation.

Daily News, March 15, 2012
– A wife was being vindictive to her foreign husband by tying up her 3-year-old son’s neck until she died, then she committed suicide.
– Mr. Plod confirmed that there will be no flood this year.
– 100 buildings panic that the fire suppression system is bad. [referring to the revelations that Grand Park Avenue Hotel, the site of the recent fatal fire, did not have adequate fire precautions]
– Mr. Prawat was angry about Panita’s sudden transfer and he insulted Mr. Santi.

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