Thai-language Headlines of March 13, 2012

Komchadluek, March 13, 2012
– Yuthasak and Prayuth will adjust the plan to fight the drugs and weapons trader gangsters. They will be implemented on 14 March.
– Buakao [a Thai boxer] revealed that he couldn’t get along with his manager. He felt slighted by his manager’s words and he couldn’t stand it anymore. [referring to the Muay Thai star who vanished from his training camp]
– To end chaos about charter amendment in Thailand, Poo [PM Yingluck] vows that Thaksin will not be returning.
– A music teacher was hot-tempered and broke through a [police] check point, then he crashed into a municipality staff member and killed them.

Thairath, March 13, 2012
– Joint Chief of Staff is confused about [government efforts at] harmonizing [reconciliation], and Poo confirmed that Thaksin won’t return yet.
– A music teacher broke through a check point and crashed into a municipal police officer, killing him.
– A district director reported to the police that the hotel management team let the hotel burn.
– Prajeenburi residents closed the road to resist building a power plant.

Matichon, March 13, 2012
– PM Poo [Yingluck] commented in contrast to Mr. Chaream that Mr. Maew [Thaksin] will not come back to Thailand within this year. Mr. Oak [Panthongtae, Thaksin’s son] criticized a person who smashed Voice TV’s car. [Voice TV being the network of TV channels set up by Thaksin]
– Mr. Bou-Kal [Thai boxer] revealed the reason for disappearing for 10 days was that he was feeling neglected and wanted to have freedom.
– A German photographer gave a statement to the court in the case related to the Red Shirts [referring to the deaths during the protests in 2010].
– PM Yingluck convinced American investors to invest in Thailand and the cabinet approved 2.4 billion baht for the water management plan.

Daily News, March 13, 2012
– Foreigners possess more than 100 million rai of land in Thailand–which is around one third [of all land] by having a nominee to avoid laws and regulations of Thailand.
– Mr. Bou-Kal [Thai boxer] declared that he will split with his boxing camp because he has been under pressure for a long time.
– PM Poo confirmed that Mr. Maew [Thaksin] will not come back to Thailand.
– Afraid that the cost of living will increase as a consequence of the high cost of transportation.

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