Thai-language Headlines of March 12, 2012

Komchadluek, March 12, 2012
– Expose the network of drugs-weapons all over Thailand and also link to the southern of Thailand chaos.
– 20 members of the Mong group were hunting 4 Royal Forest Department staff who burned down forests.
– The director of Angthong Hospital committed suicide, the police suspect he was stressed from work.

Thairath, March 12, 2012
– Train crashed with a 10-wheeled truck, a driver died, 40 injured.
– Heavy rains caused many cars to crash on Rama 2. Many people died and injured.
– Mr. Ruengkrai submitted the document to investigate 10 senators that were neglectful [of voting in the last election].
– Aim to seize properties and money from drug dealers in Narathiwat.

Matichon, March 12, 2012
– Mr. Ruengkrai aims to discharge 10 senators, he’s preparing evidences about their neglect to submit to Office of the election commission of Thailand.
– Commander-in-chief in Narathiwat aims to seize and arrest more shop owners in the southern frontier of Thailand-Malaysia. They are all support the southern terrorists.
– The Ministry of Transportation proposed to decrease taxi charge and resisted an increase [this is the opposite of what was reported elsewhere about a rise in taxi fares].
– Poo [PM Yingluck] discussed with the national water and flood policy committee today about 246 projects in the 24.8 billion baht budget.

Daily News, March 12, 2012
– An illegal clinic, which provided face revitalization and injections to stimulate white skin, was raided.
– Mr. Bou-Kal [Thai kick boxer] claimed that he was paid unfairly so he will establish a boxing camp which will be a competitor with Por Par-Mok.
– The breaking system of coach failed which caused 7 deaths and 73 injuries.
– There was a claim that more than ten thousands of people will consent to issuing amnesty for Mr. Thaksin.

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