Thai-language Headlines of March 1, 2012

Komchadluek, March 1, 2012
– Mr. Worajet who is a core leader of the Nitirat Group, was punched in the face by two men.
– An effeminate monk will not be disrobed.
– In the next 28 years, an asteroid will hit the world.
– Residents blocked the road with the intention to dismiss the governor of Rayong

Matichon, March 1, 2012
 – Mr. Worajet was harmed at Thamasart University by two men who are a member of a mob which is against the amendment of Article 112. [the lese majeste law]
– Revealed – The main reason for the amendment of the current constitution.
– There are 18 brands of car which will join the “First Car Campaign” and will expand the period of purchasing. [referring to the Pheu Thai promise to subsidize cars for first-time buyers]
– There was a scandal of Samut Sakorn Hospital about a million drug tablets.

Daily News, March 1, 2012
 – Mr. Worajet revealed that he was harmed because of his objective to amend Article 112.
–  There was a warrant to arrest a pharmacist involved with the dishonest distribution of drugs.
– There was confiscation of 19 elephants at Saiyok Elephant Park.

Thairath, March 1, 2012
– Mr. Worajet, who is a core leader of the Nitirat Group, was harmed at Thammasat University.
– The Austrian model died in a motorcycle accident.
– Police found two more Iran suspects involved in the bombing.
– The Metropolitan Police Bureau in area 2 raided the source where amphetamine was produced.

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