Thai-language Headlines of January 9, 2012

Komchadluek, January 9, 2012
– Nonthaburi residents were angry that they didn’t get the reimbursement of 5000 baht for flood rehabilitation, so they closed Kanjanapisek Road.
– More security and strictness from Plavarn’s bodyguards. [referring to the stabbing of a hi-so personality by pub guards in Phuket]
– Trucks-buses-taxis gather and have a meeting today to discuss how to resist the NGV price increase.
– Poo doesn’t oppose letting 34 commissioners to amend the constitution.

Matichon, January 9, 2012
– Dr. Krong will put the proposal to the cabinet meeting on January 10 of 2.2 million million baht – a big project to change the country.
– Mr. Ukrit makes an proposal to clarify the constitution amendments and Poo accepts to consider it.
– DSI confirmed that there was much cheating on the rescue bags. [referring to the scandal of the purchase of flood rescue supplies]
– Trucks and taxis together closed the road to protest the NGV-LPG price increase. 

Thairath, January 9, 2012
– Democrats expose the government’s evil Bank of Thailand robbery and claims that the government is an economic dictator.
– A 61-year-old woman was raped and killed during a robbery.
– Poo and her team visited and surveyed flood affected in the south of Thailand.
– The offending gang in the Plavarn case ruined Phuket’s image and impacted tourism there. [referring to the stabbing of a hi-so personality by pub guards – a British film star was with him and news of the melee was carried around the world]

Daily News, January 9, 2012
– Protest closes Viphavadee Rd. against price increases on NGV-LPG.
– Chalerm boasts that he will bring Thaksin home.
– DSI confirmed there was much corruption [in the purchase] of rescue bags.
– The governor of Phuket blamed the Rachada pub incident for ruining the image of Phuket. [referring to the Plavarn case mentioned above]

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