Thai-language Headlines of January 6, 2012

Komchadluek, January 6, 2012
– The governor ordered to close Ratchada Pub in Phuket and arrested 6 cruel [attempted] murderers who attempted to kill Plavarn. In fact, those people are employees and guards in that pub. [much is being made of the lighting arrest and charges made against the pub employees as the victim was a well-connected hi-so individual]
– Pancake broke up with Pae [Thai actress and actor in the photo above] because they don’t have time and want to work hard.
– The army helps 1200 people to survive at Ronpiboon. 8 provinces warned that there will be rain again on 6-10 January.
– Reds [Red Shirts] proposed to amend the whole constitution. 
– Mr. Chad confirmed that in 7 days he will know the reason of fire at Chatuchak.  The police suspect chief of military staff named “M” who was the person committed arson. [referring to the suspicious fire at Chatuchak Market Wednesday night that was thought to be linked to mafia figures upset at the new park management]

Matichon, January 6, 2012
– Mr. Suthep was angry that DSI will question him about plotting to get rid of the royal family.
– The Bank of Thailand obstructs the debt transfer because it is not worthwhile to do it. They want the government to reconsider. They’re afraid there will be corruption. [referring to the government transfer of over 1 trillion baht in government debt to the central bank to allow the government to borrow more]
– Chatuchak extortion gang was arrested during their mission. [referring to mafia protection ring that controls the renting of booths at Chatuchak]
– Six staff members of the Carnala-Rachada Pub in Phuket Town have been arrested for allegedly stabbing and assaulting Sri Panwa Resort General Manager Vorasit Issara early yesterday morning and are charged with attempted murder.

Thairath, January 6, 2012
– Attempted murder of “hi-so” Plavarn, the police arrested 6 employees of a pub.
– Pancake-Pae broke up because they don’t have time [for a relationship].
– Suthep put the blame on DSI that they are bullshit for asking him to clarify about plotting to overthrow the monarchy. [referring to a complex chart the previous government promoted showing a network of figures and groups involved in weakening the monarchy – the DSI, now under the sway of a new government, has turned the tables on previous government figures by questioning them as if they are privy to the plot]
– The police hurry to determine the cause of the Chatuchak arson.
– Don’t put pressure on the police about Mr. Kanchit’s case. [referring to the Democrat MP suspected of murdering a political rival]

Daily News, January 6, 2012
– The actress Pancake announced the relationship between her and her boyfriend have come to the end.
– Mr. Suthep argued that a plot to overthrow a monarchy is true and he is ready to give information.
– Former Prime Minister Abhisit has criticized the government’s move to transfer debt from the Finance Ministry to the Financial Institutions Development Fund (FIDF).
– The commander-in-chief of the air force gave a strong statement that if there would be any amendment of constitution, the government must take the voice of the people into account.

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