Thai-language Headlines of January 5, 2012

Thairath, January 5, 2012
– Plavarn [from the Issara family, and the owner of Sripanwa Hotel] was stabbed by the social evil doer gang in a nightclub in Phuket.
– The flooding crisis caused electricity poles to fall down for 5 km. along a road in Choomporn.
– They will demolish buildings in Chatuchak and return the land to SRT. [referring to the transfer of Chatujak Market from BMA to SRT]
– Requesting a search warrant for Kanchit’s house. The police started to search his house.
– People reported to the police to arrest rice mill that cheated out of 50 million baht.

Matichon, January 5, 2012
– The police searched Kanchit’s house today, found no guns and cars, and Kanchit went to parliament meeting as usual and not answer any question about Mr. Toon’s case. [referring to the Democrat MP alleged to be involved in the murder of a political rival]
– UDD go on for the Constitution amendment. They are hunting 200,000 names [for a petition].
– The corruption from Chatuchak market of a billion baht per year was exposed.
– The cabinet yesterday decided to transfer responsibility for 1.14 trillion baht in outstanding debt to the central bank and for the government to take out hundreds of billions of baht in new loans to fund new investment programs. And they also gave green light for 4 decrees.

Komchadluek, January 5, 2012
– Mark visited flood affected areas in Choomporn-Surat.
– Pinit revealed that he quit as Kanchit’s lawyer. [referring to the Democrat MP alleged to be involved in the murder of a political rival]
– Fire in Chatuchak Market – People believed it is linked to politics.
– Pheu Thai planed that they will propose to amend constitution in the beginning of February.

Daily News, January 5, 2012
– Search warrant obtained for Kanchit’s house to look for guns and cars, but found nothing.
– Green light for 4 billion baht to help the flood affected. Money spend for fixing houses can be written off on income tax.
– Chatuchak war between BMA and SRT made a mysterious fire start in the book store zone. Mr. Chad Kuldilok is hunting the mafia in Chatuchak.
– Famous hiso [high-society person] from Issara family was stabbed in a pub in Phuket.

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