Thai-language Headlines of January 31, 2012

Komchadluek, January 31, 2012
– Soldiers was hunting by circle shooting [meaning they were hunting southern terrorist to encircle and shoot them]. 4 died! in the south of Thailand. They [the terrorists] used locals as their shield. Rangers are sad and hurry to investigate. [this story repeats the first official story about the incident that was later shown to be not accurate]
– People who want to amend the article 112 won’t be allow to use Thammasart University [grounds].
– Chuwit revealed the evidence that casinos gave laptops to the media.
– 500 drugs prisoners will be moved to Kaobin prison because of the 5kg heroin drugs gangster operating in Payao province.

Matichon, January 31, 2012
– His Majesty gave advice to the Judge of the Administrative Court.
– The Constitutional Court will take two months to interpret two decrees [made by the government to transfer public debt and help flood victims].
– The use of Thammasat University compound as a venue for any activities relate to Article 112 is banned.
– The Meteorological Department warned that Laninya this year will have less drought and heavy rain.

Thairath, January 31, 2012
– The chancellor chases the Nitirat [group] not to use Thamasart University students to sign the petition to amend the article 112 [the lese majeste law].
– Dr. Krong pushed to start building the Kang Sue Ten dam to prepare for the big flood again in August.
– The robbery gang invaded in the Democrat’s secretary’s house and got 5 million baht cash.
– Arrested – call center Korean gang that sold Korean ginseng, but never delivered anything and got 27 million baht a day.

Daily News, January 31, 2012
– There was a trap from Southern’s terrorist who make soldiers spontaneously opened fire at innocent people which led to 4 deaths.
– The PM re-confirmed that she won’t amend Article 112.
– Mr. Pramote made a final decision to make a flood way.
– His Majesty advised Administrative Court Judge to build unity in the country.

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