Thai-language Headlines of January 30, 2012

Komchadluek, January 30, 2012
– Outrageous robbery of a million baht worth of diamonds from a clothing business owner’s house. The police suspect his servant.
– Motorbike gangsters killed to steal a motorbike.
– A light truck which was carrying laborers was bombed and 6 died and 3 injured in Pichit province.
– Democrats are angry and ask Pheu Thai to show evidences that they will not amend article 112 [the lese majeste law].

Matichon, January 30, 2012
– Mr. Tong is very confident that the two money loan decrees will not conflict with the constitution. He ignored the contingency plan and orders it to go ahead. [referring the transfer of government debt to the central bank]
– Exposed: the meeting at a safe house in the Puttamonton area during which the overthrown of the government was planned.
– Klong Perm gang arrested and seized 20,000 drugs. Ja sib admitted that Major Piyanat invited him to join the drugs transportation network.
– Steel vender in the northeast revealed that was no standard. [referring to raids on steel plants producing substandard steel]

Thairath, January 30, 2012
– The Pheu Thai party condemned the Nitirat group and is frightened the Nitirat with generate an army to have a revolution. [referring to a group of academics supporting a reform of the lese majeste law]
– Going ahead with confiscation in 17 areas to clean up the drug problem. Issuing warrants for the arrest of 8 prisoners.
– A woman was shot dead in the United States of America.
– PM asked all parties to be patient and halt the fighting in the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management or SCWRM.

Daily News, January 30, 2012
– Meaw [Thaksin] strongly censured the white old hair and brainless who wanted to quarrel and who retarded the country’s development. He also boosted up that he can make Thais rich in a blink.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] asked all sides to claim down and guaranteed that water management is good.
– Exposed – The invasion of Kao Yai. [referring to the constant land encroachment in the area]
– The NACC push hard on drug crackdown scheme as well as complimenting Mr. Thaksin. Suchart prepared to build a Super Max Jail. [referring to Chalerm’s pronouncements on an island prison for drug dealers]

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