Thai-language Headlines of January 3, 2012

Konchadluek, January 3, 2012
– The upper south of Thailand was severely hit by flash floods, especially Nop Phi Tham district which was one of the hardest hit area as floodwater washed away bridges and roads.
– Traffic back to Bangkok is paralyzed.
– A search warrant will be issued in regarding to Mr. Khanchit’s case if he is still reluctant to hand over the suspected gun and car for an investigation. [referring to the Democrat MP suspected of killing a political enemy]
– Members of a broad to solve the asset [distribution problem] at Chatuchak weekend market. [regarding the handover of the management of the market from the BMA to SRT]
– A bomb exploded at Ayutthaya province which led to three being injured.

Matichon, January 3, 2012
– Mr. Khanchit’s father said that due to a long holiday, his son will later submit the suspected gun and car to the police for an investigation. [referring to the Democrat MP suspected of killing a political enemy]
– Songkhla and Nakhon Si Thammarat severely hit by flash floods.
– Mr. Tavin was called to expose the plot to overthrow monarchy.
– Bangkok City Hall retreated from the famous Chatuchak weekend market case and let the State Railway of Thailand, which actually owns the land, to have a full control of the market as the representatives from both sides have a good solution.

Thairath, January 3, 2012
– A university student was kidnapped for ransom, but later was killed. An male architect was later arrested and confessed to the police.
– There was still a heavy rain in the south of Thailand. The flash floods have inundated bridges and roads.
– Even with a good prevention for road accidents during the new year holiday, there were still 241 deaths for 4 days.
– In the year 2555 [this year, 2012], many people are afraid of corruption.
– Conflagration [fire] at a house killed 2 sisters.

Daily News, January 3, 2012
– Heavy rain and flash floods buried 6 provinces in the south in turn led to the roads and railways being paralyzed.
– Ex-director won the national lottery with worth 34 million baht.
– A owner of a resort was shot dead.
– Careless car driver hit signage which caused 4 deaths.

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