Thai-language Headlines of January 26, 2012

Komchadluek, January 26, 2012
– The spider appeared in the city. Bit [someone] to death. The spider is small and grey color. It’s not a black widow spider.
– The event organizer at Supanburi was implicated for the explosion in the event. [Yesterday’s fireworks explosion that killed at least 4.]
– The owner of a secondhand car shop linked to a major of the armed forces is arrested.
– The Commissioner General ordered public security officers to keep an eye on the Nitirat group. [a group of academics calling for reform of the lese majeste law]

Matichon, January 26, 2012
– The organizer and the person who ignited fireworks are accused as the cause of the explosion of fireworks in Suphanburi.
– A big drugs dealer with one billion baht worth of drugs is accused.
– Cutting the interest rate to 3% to improve the economy. Civil servants surely will have the 15,000 baht [increase in salary promised by the government] by the end of January.
– The Nitirat group denied that they are leading the push for the amendment of Article 112. Big Too [General Prayuth] said that the Nitirat are hurting the feelings of Thai people.

Thairath, January 26, 2012
– The firework were in a misdirected position and that’s why there was an explosion at the Chinese New Year [festival] in Supanburi.
– Big Too criticized the Nitirat group for the intention to amend article 112.
– Mr. Nipon Panchart is arrested and accepted that a [army] major is involved with him as a drug gangster.
– Autopsy of the dead body of the spider victim. Revealed that this spider has 8 legs and it must be a brown widow spider.

Daily News, January 26, 2012
– The godfather of drugs has confessed that a major in the armed forces is a big player in the drug trafficking network.
– Mr. Chuwit disclosed that there are many illegal franchise casinos which are back up by generals in the armed forces.
– There is a cut in interest rates of 0.25%.
– The United Front for Red Shirt Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) proposed the amendment of Section 291 of the constitution.

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