Thai-language Headlines of January 24, 2012

Komchaluek, January 24, 2012
– Chasing Burma to catch the drug gangster that killed a Pol. Sub. Lt. His pension was increased 7 levels of police rank for his sacrifice. [Police and military killed in the line of duty have their rank posthumously raised to provide increased benefits to their families.]
– HM the King told the new cabinet to be honest and develop the country.
– 2 models surrendered themselves to the police in the case of the topless casino. They claimed that they were incited by guests to do it for tips.
– The Queen Sirikit together with HR Princess Sirindhorn visited Yaowarat for the Chinese New Year Festival.

Matichon, January 24, 2012
– His Majesty the King granted an audience to the reshuffled cabinet which was sworn in. He told to the new cabinet to make the country progress and make it safe.
– Yaowarat residents are happy that Queen Sirikit and the Princess Sirindhorn visited on Chinese New Year.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] is wearing the pilot costume to show that she is ready to maneuver.
– Amend or not to amend the law section 112 [the lese majeste law], Mr. Kittipong [deputy of Justice ministry] gave his opinion of the exclusive interview with Matichon.
– Got clues that “Atris” was bomb creator [referring to the Hezbollah-related bombing suspect].

Thairath, January 24, 2012
– His Majesty the King asked the new cabinet to strictly follow their oath.
– Declared that the 1000 million baht assets of the drug dealer will be confiscated.
– Topless models at that casino gave themselves up to the police.
– The First Regional Army pushes BMA to dig some canals as soon as possible. Not only concern about flooding, the government should also beware of drought.

Daily News, January 24, 2012
– His Majesty the King asked the cabinet of Poo II to be honest.
– Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Princess Sirindhorn addressed at Yaowarat Festival for Chinese New Year. All residents there greeted them.
– The owner of a luxury house was burnt to death in this house.
– NACC alleged Mr. Supoj of having unreported wealth.

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