Thai-language Headlines of January 23, 2012

Komchadluek, January 23, 2012
– Drug dealers became bold, around 10 of them attacked a police checkpoint and shot a Pol. Sub. Lt. to death. 
– Nalinee vows she won’t resign and confirms that the US blacklist did not ban her from travel to the U.S.
– Chinese new year this year was vigorous. Leng Nei Yi temple extended the period of praying.
– An offender disguised as a servant and stole a MP’s daughter’s car in Chonburi.

Matichon, January 23, 2012
– A former FBI [official] is investigating about Nalinee’s case and prove she is not blacklisted with the US. She confirmed she would not quit.
– The Chief of Kangkrajan National Park argued back against a false report and the arrest of scapegoats. He confirmed that all officials in the national park are not cruel like that.
– The [police] superintendent exclaimed that he was got rid of the topless casino. He requested fair judgement [local police are being blamed for allowing casinos in their areas].
– Chinese temples are crowded during Chinese new year. Many people came to pray and correct their bad fate.

Daily News, January 23, 2012
– Newly appointed cabinet member Nalinee Taveesin begged for a chance to work. 
– Police seized a large haul of speed pills and crystal methamphetamine, or ice, worth more than one billion baht. 
– Pakistani is faced with the death penalty for brutal murder of his child. 
– Police issued a death warrant for a drug dealer who shot a merchant to death for a car. 

Thairath, January 23, 2012
– Mr. Suwit, the former Natural Resources and Environment Minister, seized the reward of 7 million baht and didn’t do anything to conserve tigers. [Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation is preparing a request to the World Wide Wildlife Fund to withdraw the J. Paul Getty Award for Conservation Leadership and 7 million baht prize from Mr. Suwit Kunkitti, the former Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. Because they claimed that he has not done any activities to conserve tigers. There have been many Bengal tigers killed in the forests.]
– Nalinee will fight the US blacklist and confirmed that she won’t quit.
– A thief deceived a victim to rob money and a car.
– The police hurry to hunt the leader of a billion baht drug dealing gang.

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