Thai-language Headlines of January 20, 2012

Komchadluek, January 20, 2012
– PM orders [officials] to create confidence. The police issue a warrant of arrest for a Hezbollah [suspect] and distribute his picture. The Thai government wants America to lift the alert on the terrorists plot in Thailand.
– Yingluck led the army to welcome General Prem Tinsulanonda.
– Sukampol aims to amend the defense decree by giving the reason that he wants to prevent a coup. [this is the new, more aggressive, Defense Minister hoping to curtail military action and preserve the government]
– The Daily News office at Rayong was hit in a drive-by shooting because they exposed illegal forest encroachment and drug trafficking.

Matichon, January 20, 2012
– Poo [Yingluck] clarified the quality of new ministers and guaranteed Ms. Nalinee.  But Ms. Nalinee was blacklisted by the USA.
– The Democrat party unanimous voted for Kanchit not to use PM hid privilege [to absolve him from prosecution in the assassination he is alleged to be involved in].
– Witnesses were under protective custody in the case of the dead elephants. [referring to the elephant hunting scandal allegedly be run by powerful political figures]
– Metropolitan Police Commander is investigating Nai Chai casino which is a topless casino.

Thairath, January 20, 2012
– The survey reveals the trend of underage pregnancy is high and school girls’ sadness and worry about her husband has others girls.
– General Yuthasak warned Sukampol about the amendment of the defense decree.
– Evidence is clear and it is confirmed that the bomb ingredients are for exporting. [referring to the warehouses found to be filled with fertilizer]
– The arrest of 3 drug traders with worth 200 million baht.

Daily News, January 20, 2012
– Aggressively intrusion into the media by AKA rifles shooting at the Daily News office at Rayong.
– USA confirmed that Ms. Nalinee is blacklisted, her assets are frozen, and she is not allowed to do business in the USA. Mark [Abhisit] chased Yingluck to clarify [why a top appointed official is on a US blacklist].
– Thai-Chinese are happy that HM the Queen will attend the Chinese New year festival.
– Chalerm will propose to Yingluck to have a fence at borders where drugs can be smuggled.

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