Thai-language Headlines of January 19, 2012

Komchadluek, January 19, 2012
– UAE media reveals that Hezbollah would copy the Mumbai model to attack Jews by seizing a church and holding hostages [in Bangkok]. The police aim to arrest a Thai lady that connected to Hussen [the detained suspected terrorist].
– Cabinet Poo II [Yingluck’s second cabinet] reshuffle list is endorsed by His Majesty.
– Exposing the evil of the elephants killing gang. There were some police’s sons, politicians, and rich people involved.
– Provincial Councilor in Sungaikolok was killed by being shot multiple times in a pickup car.

Matichon, January 19, 2012
– The reshuffled cabinet list with 16 new ministers was passed to His Majesty already. Poo confirmed that she shuffled the cabinet by herself [meaning Thaksin wasn’t involved at all].
– Investigate a white house in Mahachai again and issuing an arrest warrant for one more person.
– There are many wounds on elephants at Suan Pueng. HM the queen is worry about this.
– Tawin said he could not remember about the plot against royalty. Red shirt will have a meeting on 20 January.

Thairath, January 19, 2012

(Source: ThaiRath)

– Nadej [Thai famous actor in the photo above] rescues a girl. She can survive her heart operation.
– The new cabinet of Poo II was signed by His Majesty.
– HM the Queen ordered people to kindly take care of all elephants. She is so worry about it. It is revealed that politicians were the leaders [of the elephant-hunting gang].
– The former national team athlete was arrested in a drug dealer case.

Daily News, January 19, 2012
– The new cabinet list was signed by to His Majesty with 16 new ministers. 
– Mr. Oh-Varus [Thai actor] denied that he was alcoholic.
– Cut the cycle of elephant hunting. The offenders were local Karens.
– Lahu people were arrested in a drug dealer case. There was a violent fight in the forest.

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