Thai-language Headlines of January 18, 2012

Komchadluek, January 18, 2012
– Hussein [the detained terrorist suspect] revealed there’s a plan to export bombs. There is more than one warehouse. [part of the government line that the bomb-making in Thailand was to export bombs to bomb other nations]
– There are many Thaksin agents in the new cabinet reshuffle list. Nine former ministers were reshuffled.
– Minibuses wanted to increase prices by 2.5 baht [to compensate for rising energy prices], if they can’t, they will sue in administrative court.
– There’s violent fight in Ratchaburi between the elephant hunting gang and the police. One Karen died.

Matichon, January 18, 2012
– Mr. Suchart is ready to be education minister. Mr. Sukampol is happy that he will control the ministry of defense. The cabinet of Poo 2 [the second cabinet of the Yingluck premiership] is vigorous.
– The police investigate a warehouse in Mahachai again to find more bombs.
– There was one person from the elephant hunting gang who died after the gang fought with police and soldiers.
– A battle between two big families to be the chief of PAO in Mahachai. [Local families who are prominent in some way (business or mafia or both) often control local political bodies.]

Thairath, January 18, 2012
– Poo continues to shuffle cabinet members. She changed many important positions.
– A Kangkrachan assistant surrendered himself in the case of elephant [hunting and] burning.
– There’s evidence that Thai citizens were involved in Thai terrorist activities. 
– Cambodians cut open rats and exported them to Thailand.

Daily News, January 18, 2012
– Confirmed that Hussein was just a buyer–not the bomb leader [not the head of the gang]. 
– Cabinet reshuffle is an attempt to please loyalists, but the opposition point out this reshuffle is for the benefit of just the party rather than the people.
– Mr. Dumrong [director-general of department of national parks, wildlife and plant conservation] believed that some local politicians are involved in the elephant hunting case.

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