Thai-language Headlines of January 13, 2012

Komchadluek, January 13, 2012
– NACC will call Mr. Supoj to clarify his abnormal wealthiness on 23 January. The result from the money straps [straps used to hold packs of bills] is linked to four contractor companies. [referring to the permanent transport minister who was robbed and then shown to have hundreds of millions of baht in cash in his home]
– Phuket local newspaper owner was shot to death. He was a red shirt leader as well. The police suspected it was from cheating conflict.
– The C7 official was so stressed, he wasn’t ready to meet the police. [referring to the official who assaulted a security guard at the airport]
– Democrat submitted document to the court to sue about 7.75 million baht compensation project. They claimed that is not fair. [referring to the government plan to compensate Red Shirt protesters]

Matichon, January 13, 2012
– Wannarat withdrew herself from Poo no. 2 [PM Yingluck’s reshuffled cabinet]. She is really sick. The cabinet aims to have a big adjustment for 7 ministries.
– Dog-selling gang that was going to cross the Khong River to sell 6000 dogs was arrested.
– NACC reported to the police that Mr. Supoj is abnormal rich.
– General Prayuth starts to handle the elephant-hunting case. They will amend the law to control wild food restaurants.

Thairath, January 13, 2012
– Sending threatening SMSes to extort 20 million baht from the Chief Executive of the Provincial Administration Organization. The victim reported to the police to investigate.
– MP Kanchit showed off his power not to give his guns and cars to the police to investigate. He is not a fugitive, he wants the police to talk to his lawyer. [referring to the Democrat MP who is accused of murdering a rival]
– NACC finalizes about the Mr. Supoj case.
– Police Captain who could arrest drug dealers and died in yesterday’s news was promoted and gets compensation as a police lieutenant general. [when police or military are killed on duty they are always promoted a rank posthumously]
– Red Shirts claim a quota for Jatuporn or Nattawut [Red Shirt leaders] for minister positions in the government. They claim that they worked hard until Pheu Thai formed the government.

Daily News, January 13, 2012
– More than 6,000 live dogs were rescued from an illegal meat-trading ring.
– Mr. Thaksin will soon reshuffle the cabinet.
– Mr. Supoj was found to be unusually wealthy by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. However, Mr. Supoj still insisted that he was robbed of only 5 million baht.
– Democrat Party MP Khanchit refused to hand over his gun and car to police for an investigation.

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