Thai-language Headlines of January 12, 2012

Komchadluek, January 12, 2012
– The director-general can’t accept the ear slapping clip, he will report to the Deputy Minister of Finance to discharge and investigate this C7 level official. The victim’s eardrum was torn.
– Hunting the Vios [pickup] that shot at protesters.
– Offenders drove fast to escape the police in a drug chase, but didn’t succeed. They hit a police captain and dragged him for 10 meters. Then he died. The police could arrest the offenders.
– Sek is still in a blur, he has to rehab for a long time. [referring to the famous Thai singer embroiled in scandal after his wife posted photos of him doing drugs on Facebook]
– Senators blame the cabinet resolution about compensation for the protesters [from 2010] has a double standard. [The accusation is that a huge amount of money is being used to compensate violent and unruly Red Shirt protesters who burned the city in 2010.]

Matichon, January 12, 2012
– Poo will adjust the cabinet on the Chinese New Year. [meaning the cabinet will be reshuffled during Chinese New Year]
– Priewpan sent Pansiri to work on the elephants case. The Department of National Parks revealed that the national politicians are behind the elephant hunting.
– Customs Facilitation is hurrying to appoint a committee to investigate the C9-level officials who slapped a the ear of a staff member [at the airport].
– Deputy police inspector died awfully, he was hit and dragged for 20 meters.

Thairath, January 12, 2012
– Cruel drug gangsters killed a police captain by crashed into him and dragging on the road. 
– Requesting a warrant to arrest 85 members of a scam cell center gang.
– Killing each other – They don’t get rubber 120 baht per kilo. The police are hunting a Vios that shot at rubber protesters.
– The Pheu Thai is chaotic now. Ministers and house of representatives flight each other. [over a number of issues including amending the constitution]

Daily News, January, 2012
– A C7 custom official is faced with disciplinary action for his assault on an airport security officer.
– Mr. Sek’s family will sue his ex-wife. [referring to the famous Thai singer embroiled in scandal after his wife posted photos of him doing drugs on Facebook]
– A drug gang dared to drive a car over a policeman while he was undercover and pretending to purchase drugs.
– A politician is invoiced with the case of hunting elephants.

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