Thai-language Headlines of January 11, 2012


Komchadluek, January 11, 2012
– Many internet users criticized the C7 level official that showed off his power and punched the airport staff who scanned him.
– 3 people were injured by an unknown man who was very angry at the demonstration felt he was provoked.
– Compensate 7.75 million baht per body from the politics protests [in 2010].
– The cabinet backed offed and returned the Bank of Thailand to manage [how the 1 trillion baht debt will be transferred to it].

Matichon, January 11, 2011
– HM the King and the Queen are sad about burning to kill elephants.
– Setting the budget of 2 billion baht for those impacted during the demonstrations [of 2010]. Those who died get 4.5 million baht.
– The decree didn’t conflict with the constitution, so 4 decrees are approved easily.
– Rubber protest closed the road. Poo [PM Yingluck] order ministers to stop them from moving to Bangkok.

Thairath, January 11, 2012
– A man was very angry at the protest that closed the road. He continuously shot at the protest. 8 injured.
– Officials were involved in the killing of elephants.
– Mr. Ukrit confirms to appoint 34 committees to work for constitution amendments.
– 2 teenagers chased and shot 2 university students. 1 died, 1 injured.

Daily News, January 11, 2012
– Red shirt demonstration compensated 7.5 million baht per 1 dead.
– Rubber protest closed the road because they want the government to solve the price problem.
– A man dared to fight against a tiger.
– A bank argued against the accusation of 30 million baht lost.

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