Thai-language Headlines of January 10, 2012

Komchadluek, January 10, 2012
– Transportation protest that closed Viphavadi road ended – They agreed to meet half way for NGV price increases. The government will increase step by step from 50 satang.
– Call center gang strikes again for 30 million baht.
– Coalition whips yesterday rejected the proposal by a committee led by former Senate speaker Ukrit Mongkolnavin to have a 34-member panel appointed to amend the Constitution.
– The Nonthaburi residents protesters sorry that they closed the road and created traffic. [this refers to the protest in Nonthaburi over the 2000 baht appliance vouchers that were hard to redeem]

Matichon, January 10, 2012
– Viphavadi road was paralyzed because of the protest about NGV price increases.
– The government will use Ms. Sodsri’s policy to amend section 291 by transforming 77 senators to be a constituent assembly [popularly elected]. [This refers to the constitutional amendment to change the 2007 charter, which makes a portion of senators appointed, back to the 1997 version, where the entire senate is popularly elected. The change to partial appointment in 2007 was not only made to temper Thaksin’s popularity, but also to try to return the senate back to its supposedly stated non-partisan nature. During the years when Thaksin as PM, the Thai Rak Thai party seemed to revel in making sure the senate was packed with wives, husbands or other close relatives of TRT MPs as a way to warn political rivals that there would be no body capable of tempering Thaksin initiatives.]
– The Central Bank is afraid that they will be charged too high a transfer fee from the debt transfer. [referring to the controversial plan to wipe over one trillion baht of debt off its book to make way for further borrowing by transferring the debt to the Central Bank.]
– SRT is dealing with illegal peddlers and also found that Chatuchak market has three mafia gangs behind it.

Thairath, January 10, 2012
– The government will appoint committees to control NGV-LPG prices so the protest [on Viphavadi Road] could be dismissed.
– A guy got married to a [dead] body. He wanted to fulfill his girlfriend’s dream before she died. [This story, carried in several newspapers, is accompanied my an astonishing photo. The young groom, dressed in black, is putting a ring on the finger of his dead fiancee at the funeral. She was killed in an accident before the wedding could take place.]
– Senators threatened that they will report to constitutional court to investigate. They want to investigate the government transferring debt to the Bank of Thailand.
– Plabu’s father was jailed because Plabu predicted that the dam would brake. [referring to the old man who popularized the prophesy that the Bhumibol Dam would burst on New Year’s Even 2012.]

Daily News, January 10, 2012
– The government succeeded in persuading the NGV protest [to cease]. They all disbursed. They will increase price by 50 satang a month for 4 months.
– Ms. Sodsri proposed the policy to amend the constitution.
– Coalition whips supported the constitution amendment of section 291 by appointment of a constituent assembly and letting the people participate.
– Rubber growers in the southern province of Songkhla were set to travel to the capital to join forces with rubber growers nationwide who are calling on the government to help shore up rubber prices to Bt120 per kilogram.

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