Thai-language Headlines of February 9, 2012

Thairath, February 9, 2012
– Arrested – Mr. Nab Mud Nuk and the gang [his nickname means “heavy fist”], and the police seized their lot of guns and bombs.
– Kaobin prison checked again and many Nokia [phones] and weapons were found there. [in prisoners’ cells]
– Jatuporn referred to USA intelligence [reports] that there will be a revolution this April [meaning a coup by the military].
– The Transportation Ministry will prepare to lift up the roads by 1 metre along the Chaopya River.
– Bad teachers sold drugs to students. The police arrested 4 teachers.

Matichon, February 9, 2012
– Pheu Thai showed the contingency plan as they afraid the decrees will fail. They confirmed that they won’t backtrack to adjust those decrees to be act of parliament. [refers to government attempts to bypass parliament to transfer government debt to the central bank and take out loans for flood relief]
– Chalerm is preparing to propose the cabinet to release the resolution for “Do not touch article 112” [meaning the government will affirm it does not wish to alter the lese majeste law]
– Ministry of Public Health strictly controls Kaobin prison. They found some prisoners took potions for cleaning kidney to hide the symptoms of drug taking, but this belief by the prisoners was mistaken [meaning they cannot mask their urine from drug tests]
– 4 major government agencies have agreed to tackle the prison drug trade.

Komchadluek, February 9, 2012
– The police launched 7 rules to control youngsters having sex and drugs on Valentine’s day. [There is a ] curfew for kids who under the age of 18 being out after 10pm.
– The police further investigate suspect Mr. M involved with the burning-murder case of a journalist.
– Lie detection-DNA checking-phone tap for all prison guards who are linked to the drug trade.
– Chalerm proposes the parliament not amend article 112.

Daily News, February 9 2012
– One members of a murder team who killed and burnt PR girl is arrested. The police are chasing another 4.
– MP Jatuporn has challenged national army chief Prayuth to make a public announcement that the army will not stage a coup in April.
– The survey revealed that teenagers want sex on Valentine’s Day.
– Surprising! An order of iphone4s to a prison in Angtong.

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