Thai-language Headlines of February 8, 2012

Komchadluek, February 8, 2012
– Cruel burning kills young female journalist because of a love affair.
– Arrested – A grade 11 high school student who is selling drugs.
– The Metropolitan Police Commander protects his 4 subordinates [Police Station Superintendents recommended for firing because of protecting casinos in their area.]
– Thammasart Student Union Organization supports the decision not to allow Nirirat to use the campus to hold activities.

Daily News, February 8, 2012
– A vendor was deceived to transfer 600K baht [ransom] by a gang who threatens him with a kidnapping story.
– Mr. Chalerm supported the army to cease the Nitirat group’s activity for the amendment of Article 112.
– A 3-year-old genius child can already read a book as well as loving to watch TV and eat fish.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] will head a new agency assigned to run an overall national water management system.

Thairath, February 8, 2012
– A murderer ruthlessly killed and burnt a woman who worked at cable TV in her room.
– The Army will keep an eye on the Nitirat group. Big Aod made a further clear statement to the Nitirat group to cease its activity.
– Assets of a drug dealer gang were seized that were worth of 27 million baht.
– Film–Anny have withdrawn a legal charge. [this is a pair of Thai movie actors constantly in the news]

Matichon, February 8, 2012
– Poo gave an order to four cabinet members to go around explaining clearly the two executive financial decrees.
– An MP of the Bhum Jai Thai Party was given a red card by a majority vote (3 to 2) of the Election Commission of Thailand.
– A bank note destroyer will be on a trip to Europe. [referring to a disgruntled son who destroyed some of his father’s money]
– Arrested! Aood, who is a big vendor in animal carcases. [referring to the recent raid that found many dead endangered animals]

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