Thai-language Headlines of February 7, 2012

Komchadluek, February 7, 2012
– Prisoners were angry and pressured their guards and they want to remove cellphone jammers. 700 drugs prisoners were transferred to Kaobin prison.
– General Prayuth was angry and wants all parties to stop trying to amend article 112 [the lese majeste law]. He pointed out that the Nirirat Group makes Thailand split up because they want to amend the article 112.
– Blue flag shops will be located in 8000 places around Thailand. They will sell 20 baht per dish and it is confirmed the cost won’t be adjusted to be higher.
– A-Anun Boonnak [Thai actor, his photo is on the front page] was tricked by a teenager gang. He saw a man laying on the road, so he wanted to help him, but gangsters threw rocks at him and his car.

Thairath, February 7, 2012
– The son of a gold shop vendor was being sarcastic by tearing bank notes.
– Too [Gen. Prayuth] shouts at the Nitirat group not to touch on Article 112.
– Expecting that there will be 3–5 storms in the year 2555.
– Searching Mr. Aood’s company for dead animal bodies [referring to the sales of endangered animals].

Daily News, February 7, 2012
– A son of a gold shop vendor felt being neglected so he torn up bank notes worth 1.3 million baht.
– There were 7 superintendents of a police precinct located in the areas of casinos.
– The Commander-in-Chief [Prayuth] made a clear statement that the activity to amend Article 112 must be stopped because it caused many conflicts.
– Convicted drug dealers will be transferred to Khao Bin Prison in Ratchaburi province.

Matichon, February 7, 2012
– Terrified! Constitutional court accepts to interpret 2 decrees before doing loans. [referring to the massive debt transfer to the central bank and loans make for flood rehab that the government tried to implement as emergency acts instead of submitting them to parliament]
– Finally the owner of gold shop’s son that felt slighted by his father. He burned and tore cash.
– The election of 77 Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) members will be held in 90 days. And the parliament will select more 22 experts.
– The inspector general summarized there are 9 casinos in 7 police station jurisdictions. They proposed Director-General of the National Police Bureau to fire 7 superintendents [who allow the casinos to operate].

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