Thai-language Headlines of February 6, 2012

Komchadluek, February 6, 2012
– Frightened! A gas truck turned upside down. 15 tons of gas flew out. It took 8 hours to clear it.
– Thammasart University reconsiders about ban resolution [referring to the Nitirat Group’s moves to amend the lese majeste law].
– Democrat party casts an eye on the budget for drug elimination. The government spent 635 million baht in 6 months and plans to request more 3 billion baht more.
– Nitirat [moment] turns to a game of amending the constitution. The Campaign Committee for the Amendment of Article 112 or CCAA112 continues hunting for signatures up country and promised that the Nitirat group is not in charge anymore.

Thairath, February 6, 2012
– The police will issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Ood Bangkruay who is a big [endangered animal] carcass trader in Asia. [He’s] the owner of Bengal tiger carcass [found in a raid over the weekend].
– CCAA112 didn’t stop, they continue [to work for] amendment the article 112 by going to hunt signatures up country.
– Mr. Smith, who is the president of Foundation of National Disaster Warning Council, warned about earthquakes. It will effect to some dams and Bangkokians will die first.
– 7 frightening hours to clear the overturned gas truck.
– Southern terrorists attacked more. They shot 2 volunteer men who protected monks in Yala.

Matichon, February 6, 2012
– Thammasat University students shone lights at the Tha Phra Chan campus dome to get rid of “darkness during the daytime” as school authorities reconsidered their ban on speaking out about lese majeste laws.
– Chalerm supports quick moves to be able to execute big drugs prisoners.
– Steel and iron evidence which didn’t meet standards are missing as well as 254 million baht. [referring tot he raids in recent weeks of Thai factories producing substandard metals]
– LPG truck overturned and gas flew out rapidly. It took for 7 hours to clear it.

Daily News, February 6, 2012
– Terrified! 15 tons of LPG leaked and spread out from the gas truck which overturned on the road.
– People flocked to see wild boar that was hit by a pick-up truck from Myanmar. They wanted to catch that wild boar and eat it.
– Love Thailand Party’s former secretary reported to the police that Mr. Chuwit libeled him saying that he took a bribe.
– Scandalous naked coyote clip was posted on Facebook [referring to the widely circulated clip of coyote dancers].
– Investigating a warehouse to catch Payoong wood traders valued at 72 million baht.

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