Thai-language Headlines of February 3, 2012

Komchaluek, February 3, 2012
– Mr. Kaycha’s son and his wife arrested for bringing ice [drugs] in his house. [Mr. Kaycha is a former actor.]
– The Faculty of Journalism pushed Thammasart University to chase Nitirat. [the group calling for reform of the lese majeste law]
– Simsimi was blamed for using rude words when chatting and possibly libeling. [referring to the iphone app accused of using rude Thai words]
– Crash in Naratiwat led to 1 death.

Matichon, February 3, 2012
– Somkid [chancellor of Thammasart University] allows the Nirirat Group to have activities in the campus, but must be prohibited if it appears to lead to conflict in society. 
– The Democrat Party was unhappy and walked out of parliament because they disagreed with the Pheu Thai Party’s decision related to 2 decrees being approved.
– Egyptian soccer fans clashed, 74 died.
– Arrested – Kaycha’s son who took ice in his own house.

Thairath, February 3, 2012
– Worry about the use of Simsimi robot application because it’s too rude.
– Arrested – A couple for 40 million baht laundered from heroin trading.
– A group of lecturers and students who support the freedom of thinking will gather on the 5th of February.
– Strictly controlling water management in 33 dams and considering the quantity of water to use in 2013.

Daily News, February 3, 2012
– The Ministry of Public Health is terrified that pure Codeine has same effect as opium and cocaine.
– There will be a big gathering for the article 112 matter. [the reform of the lese majeste law]
– A beggar earned 100k baht a month.
– NGOs will submit a document to sue the government building dams to protect industrial estates.

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