Thai-language Headlines of February 29, 2012

Komchadluek, February 29, 2012
– Many people criticized this fagged monk [an effeminate-looking monk] who posted his photo smiling in a tent on Facebook. Office of National Buddhism will investigate and disrobe [him].
– NACC ordered to seized Supoj’s money of 20 million baht. [referring to the Permanent Transport Secretary you had large amounts of money stored in his home]
– Dee Nitipong’s wife will sue his ex-mistress for harassing her on phone and SMS. [Nitipong Honak is a Thai musician]
– The cabinet appointed 2 more water management committees.

Daily News, February 29, 2012
– The Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission (NACC) judged the case of Permanent Transport Secretary Supoj Saplom. They will freeze a house and land [he owns] worth 20 million baht.
– Many people congregated to buy a picture of a gecko that put the palms of its hands together in salute. [referring to photo of a waiing gecko]
– Private school teachers are happy with the proposal to adjust their salary.
– The court sentenced a woman for forcing underage girls into prostitution.

Thairath, February 29, 2012
– NACC finalized that they will seize Supoj’s land and houses worth 20 million baht.
– Deputy PM Chalerm denied the proposal from Wattana to abolish the constitution court and administration court. Pheu Thai vows it’s just a personal opinion, they didn’t discuss it yet. [referring to the constitutional amendment proposal to eliminate some courts]
– A 3-man gang kidnapped a 14-year-old girl to extort 500k baht. The police could arrest only one, the others escaped and left the girl.
– The cabinet accepted the royal advice about water management strategy.

Matichon, February 29, 2012
– A big member of constitution court responded to Wattana about his proposal to abolish some courts. Pheu Thai ordered Wattana to halt his proposal, they are afraid it will be prejudice the constitutional convention [against them].
– The Ministry of Public health prohibits import of the SUDO drug.
– Seize Supoj’s house and land worth 20 million baht in a case of unusual wealth.
– D-day in March for Poo to check canals, she also appointed 2 sets of committees to manage water.

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