Thai-language Headlines of February 28, 2012

Komchadluek, February 28, 2012
– For five hours the police surrounded and tried to arrest the man who murdered 5 people. Finally he surrendered himself, because he was afraid to be murdered legally. [extra judicially killed by the police]
– Muay [Maxim model] apologized that she did wrong [that she had an abortion]. The police will investigate more at the clinic at Sukhumvit 12.
– Chalerm accepted that he walked in an unbalanced way because of an inner-ear ailment. [responding to claims he was drunk in parliament]
– The Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management or SCWRM had an idea to create the flood protection plan “Street Canal.” They will propose to dig tunnels.

Daily News, February 28, 2012
– Hunting for 2 Iranian gang members for helping a bomber escape as they appear on CCTV at the airport. [referring to Iranians suspected of helping in the bombing plot]
– Found – a gecko putting the palms of his hands together in a wai. [refers to a photo of a gecko holding its hands together in a traditional Thai greeting]
– Phahonyothin Road was paralyzed.
– Deputy PM Chalerm investigated in the case of being accused of being drunk.

ThaiRath, February 28, 2012
– A 4-year-old girl was found dead in the jungle with incense sticks beside her dead body.
– Mr. Chalerm challenged all organizations to investigate the allegation that he was drunk.
– Mr. Haward’s mother was called for investigation. [related to the abortion investigation mentioned above]
– Meryl Streep won the best actress Oscar.

Matichon, February 28, 2012
– MP Watthana proposed to dissolve the Constitutional Court and Administrative Court and set up a new department within the Supreme Court.
– Mr. Chalerm insisted that he was not drunk and challenged those to investigate him. The Democratic Party is confident that its claims are not libelous and ready to fight against the allegation they are.
– Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development (so-called “SCRF”) involved another 4 parties to be involved in plating more tress.

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