Thai-language Headlines of February 27, 2012

Komchadluek, February 27, 2012
– Arrested and investigated–2 more suspects linked to the Bangkok blast. The police saw them who put up “SEJEAL” stickers from CCTV footage.
– Chalerm vows that he didn’t get drunk and he will sue 4 newspapers [for saying he was].
– In the case of Muay-Maxim [Maxim magazine model named Muay], the police investigate abortion clinics. [after reports her boyfriend took her for an abortion]
– Thrilling for Thailand–raining in summer, storm is coming to Thailand, but the Meteorological Department confirms that 2 dams can handle it.

Daily News, February 27, 2012
– For the Valentine’s blast, the police arrested 2 more Iranian suspects who appeared at the Jews’ embassy on blast day.
– Howard’s mother responded that she didn’t know that Muay had an abortion. The police will investigate that clinic.
– Deputy PM Chalerm yesterday filed a complaint with police against four daily newspapers for defaming him over accusations that he was drunk during a parliamentary debate.
– Keaw from Fay Fang Keaw fainted because she worked hard and studied hard. [this refers to a Thai teenager girl band]

Thairath, February 27, 2012
– Police asked for a search warrant for a clinic where Ms. Moui is thought to have had an abortion.
– The Democrat Party member searched the bins in the parliament and found bottles of soda water. [referring to alleged whiskey drinking by Chalerm]
– Arrested–a prison officer for smuggling drug for prisoners.
– Nano-sack will be produced instead of sand bags to protect from flood waters.

Matichon, February 27, 2012
– PM Yingluck took a lead and advice from His Majesty the King to protect forests.
– Mr. Chalerm reported to the police to arrest the press and Democratic Party members because they accused him of being drunk during the charter debate.
– Arrested–three more people who involved with the bombing.
– Political concert until dawn at Bonanza big mountain. [referring to the Red Shirt rally]

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