Thai-language Headlines of February 24, 2012

Komchadluek, February 24, 2012
– A mad man shot 5 people to death. [Those shot were] A male nurse who bandaged [the shooters’] wife too slowly, as well the owner and staff of a Karaoke shop who hurt [the shooter’s] wife.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] clarified 3 points of Four Season Hotel issue through Facebook.
– Hunting people who put stickers up from CCTV footage. [referring to the stickers supposedly put up by Iranian terrorists] Yuthasak doesn’t believe that it is a set up. [referring to theories that the bombings were not conducted by Iran]
– A drug dealer legally shot in Surat [this refers to police killing of a wanted person–usually a drug dealer who cannot be brought in alive as he might implicate highly placed people] and a monk that hid drugs was arrested.

Thairath, February 24, 2012
– Tragedy of 5 murdered by a mad man. He hurt his wife and brought her to the hospital. He shot a male nurse and 4 more people from a karaoke shop.
– Poo revealed her feelings about the Four Season Hotel issue through Facebook. 
– Report to the police to arrest a craven C8 official [a government employee rank] who raped a 14-year-old girl.
– Burmese murdered a grade-12 girl with a knife. She was stabbed 28 times.

Daily News, February 24, 2012
– A man killed brutally 5 people, including a male nurse and karaoke girls.
– Poo clarified that the Four Seasons Hotel issue was a private mission. [not involved with business and politics]
– The electricity charge will be increased.
– No further clues can be traced from the word “SEJEAL” on stickers. [supposedly left by the Iranian bombers]

Matichon, February 24, 2012
– The Pheu Thai Party will stick together to vote for article 291 and their target is 378 votes. The Democrat Party criticized them for allowing the Constitution Drafting Committee members to do whatever they want.
– Poo filed a report with the police to arrest the Democrat Party for insulting her mission. [meaning the PM is filing defamation charges against Democrat MPs who accused her over the Four Seasons Hotel meeting]
– The PM and water committees discussed all information and reported to HM The King.
– A cruel man shot 5 to death and injured 1 in a hospital and karaoke.

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