Thai-language Headlines of February 23, 2012

Komchadluek, February 23, 2012
– Iran implicated Jews as being behind the hiring of rebels to set up the Bangkok blasts.
– Director-general of Royal Irrigation Department dismissed.
– 2 decrees to borrow money to urgently deal with floods and water management were approved.
– Exposed!! The former drug dealer became a local politician and bought positions for police in Chiang Rai. [meaning he helped police officers buy their promotions] Then arrested Sanam Luang residents in drugs case to make a good image for their performance. [meaning they rounded up many people–many who were probably innocent–to make it look like they were doing a good job]

Thairath, February 23, 2012
– The Constitution Court clarified that the 2 decrees will solve the flood crisis as emergency cases.
– Royal Irrigation Department dismissed the director-general.
– Secret code stickers were found around the Israel Embassy. [referring to the stickers allegedly left by terrorists]
– The protest to support and oppose the constitution amendments met up in front of the parliament.
– Arrested – the cruel capitalist who hired huntsmen to kill elephants.

Daily News, February 23, 2012
– The Constitution Court ruled that two executive decrees related to water management and post-flood rehabilitation and debt management issued by the cabinet do not violate the constitution.
– Four more stickers were found with a secret code related to the bombing plot.
– His Majesty the King went to take a look at the Chaophaya River.
– Mr. Chalit was removed from his post at the Royal Irrigation Department.

Matichon, February 23, 2012
– PM Poo [Yingluck] was relieved after the Constitution Court ruled that two executive decrees did not violate the constitution. For the decree for the transfer of full responsibility for the 1.14 trillion baht of debt, the judges voted 7-2 that it complied with the charter.
– The lecturer pointed out that stickers with the word “Sejeal” was a set-up against Iran.
– MPs were ordered to be in the House of Parliament from 9:00-24:00 with the intention to discuss the amendment of the constitution.
– PM Poo [Yingluck] insisted that females should never give up and pushed for the Woman Organization Funds with 4 objectives.

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