Thai-language Headlines of February 22, 2012

Komchadluek, February 22, 2012
– Jews praised that Thais are great in investigating terrorism.
– Three southern terrorists attacked and legally killed. Teachers in the southern area will propose the government pay 7.5 million baht for rehabilitation. [7.5 million mirroring the amount the government proposes to give to those hurt or killed in the 2012 Red Shirt protests]
– A deadline will be in 30 days–Poo must clarify about the Four Seasons issue. [referring to the meeting the Pm had with business leaders at the Four Seasons Hotel]
– Alderman of Sriracha was murdered.
– Stepfather surrendered himself, but he denied that he raped the 15-year-old girl.

Thairath, February 22, 2012
– Kazahi questioned for 5 hours straight, but he didn’t implicate others. [referring to the Iranian terrorism suspect]
– Three southern terrorists legally killed. They attacked officials for 30 minutes.
– The Four Seasons Hotel does not allow other people and media to go up to the 7th Fl. [site of the clandestine meeting between the PM and business leaders]
– Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management or SCWRM reported to HM the King about water management plans.

Matichon, February 22, 2012
– The court president says don’t panic. The government is excited that two controversial executive financial decrees on water and debt management will be judged this afternoon.
– The Red Shirts reserved the area in front of the council to keep watch on the constitution amendment.
– The police confirmed that Nurosi was the leader of the bomb blast gang.
– DSI found that 101 students were victims of the university management team’s scam. The students all were sued by Krungthai Bank about money loans for studying, but none of them took out loans. [refers to a scam run by university staff to take out loans under students’ names]

Daily News, February 22, 2012
– There was confirmation that stickers indicated the intention to mark [the site of] an assassination. [referring to the stickers terrorists left to mark locations to attack Israeli diplomats]
– There was excitement to wait for the decision of constitution court concerning the two decrees.
– A gang took children from their parents (who owed money) to work off the debts by forcing them to take drugs and to dress as novices to collect offerings and donations.
– The house of a Thai country song female singer was robbed.

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