Thai-language Headlines of February 21, 2012

Komchadluek, February 21, 2012
– Found stickers all over Pleonchit. The police decrypt the secret code to be 27 target points to bomb. [referring to the stickers the bombers left around the city]
– Arrested: A taxi driver who got AIDS, who raped and robbed.
– Pheu Thai wishes the decrees for loan money to succeed. It’s one failed and one approved. [referring to the decrees on transferring government debt to the central bank and loans for flood rehabilitation]
– The Gasoline price is higher. The Ministry of Commerce begs all fresh merchants and department store to sell pork at 100-105 baht per kilo.

Daily News, February 21, 2012
– It was amazing that the bomber gang used a secret code to target the Jewish minister. [again, referring to further clues about the botched Bangkok bombings]
– A taxi driver was a social harm because he has the HIV virus and raped girls.
– The kidnapping case of a girl for 13 years seems to change to the other way around. [refers to a sensational story in yesterday’s headlines about a nanny who allegedly kidnapped a girl who later became pregnant by her boyfriend]
– Waiting to see the conclusion of two financial decrees.

Matichon, February 21, 2012
– The permanent secretary of Finance’s Ministry to attend the Constitution Court for the judgment on two financial decrees. Mr. Tong [Mr. Kittirat who is Minister of Finance] has said that he has a second plan.
– The Pheu Thai Party members took a journalist on tour to the 7th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. [refers to the apparently clandestine meeting the PM had with various business leaders which the opposition has used to pressure the PM]
– The stickers link to the bomb plot against the Jewish minister.
– The Council of Ministers prepared to propose 2.7 billion for 12 provinces with 29 projects.

Thairath, February 21, 2012
– Found: The important evidence which are stickers with the symbol “SEJEAL52” to help bomb the minister of Israel.
– The weakness that causes big floods is Yom River that passes Pichit Province.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] clarified that there’s no double benefit by her going to the Four Seasons Hotel.
– Arrested: A dangerous taxi driver who got AIDS. He raped and robbed many customers.

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