Thai-language Headlines of February 20, 2012

Komchadluek, February 20, 2012
– A girl was kidnapped by her nanny for 13 years since she was 1 years old and was raped until pregnant for 3 months by the nanny’s husband.
– The police issued the fifth arrest warrant for the Iranian bomb master. He is a specialist in bomb making.
– A teacher sold drugs to students in Chaiyapoom province. He said [it was because] he got a low salary.
– Pheu Thai dared Democrats-Media-Female organizations to prove the [allegations about the meeting on the] 7th floor of Four Seasons Hotel [that was brought up as the] 5th [point of agenda at the] parliament meeting agenda [last Friday].

Thairath, February 20, 2012
– Investigating a new place for Iranians to lie low, the suite room in Petchburi Road and the police are hunting Thai people who are involved with this gang.
– Pheu Thai dared Democrats to prove [the allegations about] the 7th floor of Four Seasons Hotel [meeting].
– Motorbike gangsters crashed in each other, 2 died.
– Cruel huntsman created the murdering place for the killed elephant. The police get more evidence.

Matichon, February 20, 2012
– If the voting is over 6 votes, 2 decrees will not be approved. Pheu Thai pleads with Democrats to withdraw their petition. [refers to a court ruling on Pheu Thai decrees bypassing parliament]
– The police is hunting Lila’s boyfriend who is involved with the Iranian gang.
– Hurry to launch the law to prevent laundering money and clean up all blacklists [that Thailand is on].
– Mr. Toon’s father won the post of Chief Executive of the Provincial Administration
Organization of Samuth Sakorn. [Mr. Toon is Udorn Kraiwatnusorn, a politician who was was murdered in December, 2011]

Daily News, February 20, 2012
– A maid allegedly kidnapped a girl and let her husband have sexual intercourse with her.
– A parent reported to police to arrest a teacher for selling drug to students.
– A poll revealed that PM Yingluck has the ability to solve the flooding problems.
– Mr. Mor [Mr. Monthon] won by-election for Provincial Administration Organization [PAO] at Mahachai.

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