Thai-language Headlines of February 17, 2012

Komchadluek, February 17, 2012
– The government ordered to increase more security strictly at 3 risk points which are airports-gasoline storage-skytrain.
– Sek vows that he will not take drugs anymore. He accepted that he took them and lost control a million percent. [referring to a Thai singer who was embroiled in a drug scandal]
– Parliament was frantic because of the 5th interrogation at the meeting. The Speaker of Parliament didn’t allow asking of personal questions. [referring to the Democrats raising questions about Yingluck’s secret meeting at a hotel]
– Lift the road by the Chaophaya River for 400 km. to protect from flooding.

Daily News, February 17, 2012
– Strictly control and intensively investigate Mr. Khazaei who targeted a diplomat for attack. [referring to the Iranian suspects apprehended after several bomb blasts]
– Industrial estates are confident in the government‘s water management.
– There was a huge debate over the matter of the Four Seasons’ Hotel. [referring PM Yingluck’s secret meeting at a hotel]
– Killed – A faithful village headman.

Thairath, February 17, 2012
– Police are chasing one more of the bomber gang. It is further revealed that Mr. Rohani has fled to Tehran.
– The Democrat Party walked out from the House of Parliament which led to chaos.
– Order to adjust a military camp to be used for a water retention area.
– There was a earthquake in Hong Kong of 4.5 on the Richter scale.

Matichon, February 17, 2012
– While police investigated a Pattaya girl, “Nancy,” who has close links with the three bombers, it also continues to search for the fifth Iranian suspect.
– Support for Mr. Newin [Chidchob] to be a head of the Bhum Jai Thai Party instead of Uncle Jin [Mr. Chavarat].
– The Bang Ban area will be used for water retention area voluntarily.
– Iranian–Jews are a quarrelsome couple in the world.

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