Thai-language Headlines of February 16, 2012

Komchadluek, February 16, 2012
– Exposed – The bomb team, that they wanted to kill Jewish diplomats. The National Security Council confirmed it’s not terrorism.
– A tour [bus] crashed, 12 died.
– The additional charge for school [the legalization of “tea money”, bribes for school entrance] is halfway to success [being implemented/passed].
– 2 decrees to loan money will be ruled on by the courts on 22 February [the two decrees the government tried to implement without bringing to parliament–loans for flood relief and the transfer of state debt to the state bank].
– Poo [PM Yingluck] promises that the Paknampo protection plan will be done by 3 months. [referring to a dyke project in Nakorn Sawan]

Thairath, February 16, 2012
– Israel is confident that the Iranian gang wanted to kill Jewish diplomats.
– Mr. Rattanapol, the former world boxing champion, isn’t despondent. He now sells DVDs and noodles for living. 
– Hell fire burnt up a prison in Honduras. 350 died.
– A tour coach drove too fast and crashed with an 18-wheel truck. 12 died.

Daily News, February 16, 2012
– Malaysian authorities arrested one of the six bomb suspects.

(Source: Post Today)

Above: The sticker reads: Oppose the constitution amendment for Thaksin

– The Democrat Party was told to stop using the sticker of Mr. Thaksin to stop the draft charter amendments proposed by the government.
– A coach hit and 12 people were killed.
– The grand opening of “Daily News TV” – TV programs via satellites.

Matichon, February 16, 2012
– The bombing in Thailand was related to the India-Georgia targeting of Jewish cabinet ministers.
– The Constitution Court will, on 22nd of February rule, on the constitutionality of two financial decrees.
– The House of Parliament will have a debate over the amendment of the constitution on the 23rd of February.

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