Thai-language Headlines of February 15, 2012

Komchadluek, February 15, 2012
– Awful bombs in the city. 3 men from Iran rented a house and kept C4 prepared for turmoil city. It failed as the bomb [went off] by accident.
– NACC threaten to sue Mr. Suchart about additional charges [for school tuition]. They claimed that it against the constitution. [This refers to the proposal to legalize “tea money” or bribes to schools to admit students. NACC intimidated him that they will sue him about this issue. Because they explained that it’s against the constitution.]
– 50 billion baht for 2,000 projects to fight the deluge [flood].
– Whitney’s body arrived home, fans download her songs all around the world.

ThaiRath, February 15, 2012
– There was explosion in Bangkok – ‘Iran’ – The bomb planner lost his legs in the blast.
– The Democratic Party voted against the draft charter amendments proposed by the government. In return, Mr. Chalerm challenged them to a debate.
– After the further investigation by police, a convicted drug gang was found to have 1 billion baht in a bank.
– PM Poo [Yingluck] pressed to dig up three marshes for water retention.

Matichon, February 15, 2012
– Three bombs exploded in Bangkok. Iranian was the bomb maker and lost his legs. One of the suspects to detain investigate for terrorist matter.
– A 50 billion baht will be used to compensate provinces which affected by water. PM Poo [Yingluck] consulted with 10 provincial governors.
– Seized: 10 million [baht] of drugs.
– PM Poo extended the period of senators in exchange of the vote for the draft charter [meaning if senators support the bill to begin the process of amending the constitution, their terms in office will be lengthened]. Mr. Maew [Thaksin] urged the Pheu Thai party members to help PM Poo.

Daily News, February 15, 2012
– Iranian to bomb the city for terrorism, but failed–he blew up his legs. It might be linked to Hezbollah.
– Resident altogether against headlands [land reclamation along the coast], they don’t want them to reclaim land in Gulf of Thailand. Residents claim that will ruin the ecology.
– Men kissing marathon for a prize of almost 200,000 baht.
– Arrested! Drugs dealer [in Nakornpatom] and a billion baht.

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