Thai-language Headlines of February 14, 2012

Komchadluek, February 14, 2012
– Mr. Suchart, the minister of education, is seriously against additional charges for school enrollment. [The content of the article indicates that he wants to stop the “tea money” system of bribes to schools and instead allow parents to donate money to the building programs of schools]
– Found that Whitney used drugs the same as Michael Jackson.
– Arrested: father and son in the case of drugs. Father took, son sold.
– Thammasart University allows the campus to be used for the article 112 movement.

Daily News, February 14, 2012
– It will take 6–8 weeks to know the cause of Whitney’s death.
– There will be 10 provinces to take water [flooding] from 27 typhoons in the coming months.
– The cabinet approved the government‘s draft charter. PM Yingluck denied that she has the intention to benefit former PM Thaksin. 
– Trainer of Mr. Add Karabal [Thai singer] was shot dead.

Thai Rath, February 14, 2012
– The death penalty for those convicted of drugs will be performed within 60 days after the court’s decision.
– There was a revelation of Whitney’s physical state before her death–she danced around for 3 hours.
– A rose costs 1,000 baht during Valentine’s Day.
– There was a argument pointing out that the approval of government’s draft charter will help Mr. Thaksin to come back to his power.

Matichon, February 14, 2012
– PM Yingluck boosted Sirikit dam as a typical one which can help to solve the water problem. Five provinces will be used for water retention areas.
– The cabinet approved the government’s draft charter.
– There will be a longer period of lessons for both primary schools and high schools.
– Many couples from Thailand and foreign countries got married on the backs of elephants. [for Valentine’s Day]

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