Thai-language Headlines of February 10, 2012

Komchadluek, February 10, 2012
– Residents are happy that the court judged the luxury hotel was wrong to be located in a narrow soi.
– Thaksin pleads with every party to know forgiveness. He wants to come back to Thailand.
– A murderer who killed journalist girl is arrested. She was malicious and asked this guy to be with her, and was the one who kill her.
– Poh-Chompoo won the Komchadluek Award for best actor and actress.

Daily News, February 10, 2012
– Police arrested one of the four murderers who killed a PR girl.
– A car bomb at Pattani was believed to target at an assistant provincial governor, however the bomb maker was killed one and 8 more were injured in a residence.
– Big Too [C-in-C Prayuth] re-confirmed that there will be no military coup.
– Mr. Chalor, who had been acquitted by the lower court, was given jail terms on the same charges at 20 years. [referring to the police officer involved in the Saudi jewelry theft scandal]

Matichon, February 10, 2012
– Yingluck was angry that she was blamed as the one who released water and let Ayuthaya flood.
– Ekkayuth revealed that Thaksin’s guard punched him, and Poo’s [Yingluck] team denied that they set it up. [Ekkayuth was one of Thaksin’s first, and most persistent, high profile critics. Public beatings of government foes is not an uncommon phenomenon in high-tension political times.]
– Car bombs all over Pattani province. But this time they didn’t get revenge for 4 killed like last time [meaning the bombings were thought to be in avenge the deaths of separatists earlier killed by the government]. 1 died, 15 injured, 10 cars destroyed.
– Mr. Tee Bangkwang’s wife surrendered herself to the police and reported that two Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) staffs involved with the drug case, and she’s not.

Thairath, February 10, 2012
– South terrorists attacked the city with car bombs, 1 died, many injured.
– Democrats argued that Poo spoils Jatuporn and lets him speak out about the rumor of the coup.
– The former deputy minister and provincial governor’s father involved in a land grab case.
– Worry that teenagers will get AIDS from valentine’s celebrations.

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