Thai-language Headlines of February 1, 2012

Komchadluek, February 1, 2012
– General Yuthasak apologized to all the victims’ relatives. The army leader from area 4 is hurrying to rehabilitate [provide money to the survivors – This refers to the army shooting of innocent civilians in the deep south].
– To welcome first-year students, a senior kicked junior to death. [referring to hazing that is endemic at Thai educational institutions]
– Thammasart breaks into two parts, supporting and chasing away Nitirat. [referring to the academic group supporting the amendment of the lese majeste law]
– 3 guards at Surin prison were fired, because they were involved with the Kaobin prison drugs gangster.

Matichon, February 1, 2012
– Bachelor’s degree holder [who are in government employ] will have fifteen thousand baht [salary] which costs 7 billion in the budget. The payment will be post-dated to January.
– Mr. Chalerm has finished the reconciliation law and plans to propose to it to the parliament. [referring to another attempt at a pardon to include Thaksin]
– The natural phenomenon of La Nina terrifies with threat of a deluge again.
– Mr. Didsanun confirmed that nobody resigned from the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management or SCWRM. [refers to ongoing finger-pointing at related to flood control measures]

Thairath, February 1, 2012
– The University of Thammasart roused people to against the Nitirat group.
– Civil servants are happy for fifteen thousand baht salary which the government has already approved.
– The welcome for a first year student was so fierce that he was kicked in the chest which caused his death.
– Big Aood admitted the four dead bodies were not southern terrorists. [referring to innocent people the military shot]

Daily News, February 1, 2012
– The Department of Corrections fired 3 prison guards for being connected with the drug gang at Khao Bin prison.
– Mr. Mal impeded the amendment of Article 112. [the lese majeste law]
– Mr. Chuwit apologized for wrongly revealing that the media took commission [a bribe] from casinos.
– The actress “Pingpong” admitted that she drove and hit which led to 2 deaths.

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