Thai-language Headlines of December 9, 2011

Komchadluek, December 9, 2011
– Tai’s boyfriend contacted to question if he beat her up. Knight [Tai’s boyfriend] throws the guilt saying that she did it herself when she got drunk over the last 4 months.
– The lawyer will submit documents to bail out Arisman next week.  They are waiting for new evidence. Poo didn’t answer about when Thaksin will return to Thailand.
– Bangkae and Phaholyothin will dry out in 2 days. [Bangkok Governor] Sukhumbhan mobilized to pump water out.
– Chalerm denied that a gangster took money to the permanent secretary’s house [to frame him]. Supoj confirmed he has only 5 million baht [instead of the hundreds of millions found at his house]. The Ministry of Finance will set up team to investigate all corruption.

Daily News, December 9, 2011
– Arisman will be in jail for a long time. His lawyer will submit bail next week. The prisoners involved in political cases will be moved to a new facility.
– Mr. Suwat’s case dropped. Demands to adjust the cabinet. Red Shirts must have the position there.
– Residents in Bangbuatong are frightened. A 3 meter crocodile was caught.
– A famous astrologer predicted that the populace are worried. Saturn’s influence, watch out for earthquakes.
– Supoj confirmed that he lost [only] 5 million baht.

Thairath, December 9, 2011
– [Authorities] Blame a person with Parkinson’s [disease] that always eats at a Chinese restaurant in the Sukhumvit area. Chalerm reveals that the Parkinson’s person is the one who creates problems in the city by planting bombs.
– Pracha attacks back by submitting documents to impeach Aphisit and Varong. [The charge is that they] Pressured a provincial governor into giving them rescue bags.
– The police will call [Thai singer] Sek to question him after his ex-wife trespassed at his house and smashed his car.
– Supoj pleads that he lost only 5 million. Chalerm confirmed there was no set up [defenders of the permanent secretary of transport suddenly alleged that the robbers actually brought hundreds of millions of baht into his house to frame him].
– The first 12,000 pardoned inmates released today. About 26,000 inmates are to be released nationwide under the royal pardon.
– [Bangkok Governor] Sukhumbhan brags that he will make Bangkok completely dry in 23 days.

Matichon, December 9, 2011
– On behalf of His Majesty, the Crown Prince was a host to greet all diplomats on His Majesty’s birthday.
– Mr. Suthep reported to the police to give a statement about the 16 deaths of Red Shirt protesters last year with the intent to protect Abhisit. Mr. Chalerm exposed a group who tried to set up a bomb to disturb the peace.
– The National Anti-Corruption Commission closed the case of Klong-Darn. While Mr. Wattana was charged in the case, Mr. Suwat was set free.
– Police decided to move the location [of their headquarters] to investigate Mr. Supoj to an elegant hotel instead of a police station.

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