Thai-language Headlines of December 30, 2011

Komchadluek, December 30, 2011
– The police issued search warrant for Kanchit’s house and still hold his car and gun to check. [referring to the investigation of the murder of a political rival of a Democrat MP]
– Fighting with a thief in the middle of a department store. 2 thieves robbed 400 baht of gold [baht here referring to a measure of gold]. A hero fought and could help hostages and got the gold back.
– Sek was deeply drug addicted. He needs to rehab for half year. [referring to the Thai singer embroiled in several scandals]
– At the new year all officials and employees can get higher pay. They are all happy.

Matichon, December 30, 2011
– Revealing top information – Two witnesses can confirm the killer of Mr. Toon. Chelerm vows to show the murder simulation chart in parliament. [referring to the investigation of the murder of a political rival of a Democrat MP]
– General Prem asks everybody not to be divisive. General Yuthisak wants the army committee to have the right behavior and support the PM.
– 600,000 officials are happy to receive 15,000 baht [in salary] from 1 Jan 2012.
– The cabinet aims to issue a decree to transfer debt to Bank of Thailand, but Mr. Teerachai [Minister of Finance] opposes this.

Thairath, December 30, 2011
– Big fighting in Big C, gold thief shot down. They robbed 400 baht in gold and took 2 hostages. A hero helped the hostages and got gold back.
– Kanchit would not let the police check his guns. Now he is a suspect in Mr. Toon’s murder.
– The starting of 7 dangerous days: [referring to the new year period when road deaths spike] Four merchants died by the road because of a Bangkokian who drove his Vios too fast.
– General Prem blesses the army to protect royalty and country.

Daily News, December 30, 2011
– One dead, one could escape – They are the gold thieves who robbed 400 baht in gold.
– General Prem repeated the army has to take care of the country.
– Chalerm showed CCTV pictures of the Mr. Toon case in parliament.
– Sek is resolute to willing to do cold turkey. [referring to the Thai singer embroiled in several scandals]
– The Ministry of Education is angry about the secondary school girl’s video clip. They are finding the school and will punish the directors. [referring to the girl who stripped in front of her classmates and posted the video online]

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