Thai-language Headlines of December 29, 2011

Konchadluek, December 29, 2011
– The police question Mr. Kanchit for the truth, seized car and gun to investigate. [referring to the murder of a local official, allegedly at the request of a Democrat MP]
– Secondary school girl stripteases in the middle of the room, let her friends take video clip and posted it to Youtube. Office of the Basic Education Commission will find the school and punish the teachers heavily.
– BMA threatens SRT to seize back Chatuchak – SRT confirmed to manage – 300 people will be unemployed.
– Kwanchai will be jailed, Arisman is happy that he can be bailed out. [referring to Red Shirt activists]

Matichon, December 29, 2011
– The court believed that Arisman will not flee. He spent 6 million baht to be bailed out and is arrested again for insulting Mr. Sirichok.
– Mr. Kanchit appeared in the parliament meeting. The police checked his gun.
– The Ministry of Public Health mobilizes 10,000 doctors for the 7 dangerous days [at New Year’s].
– Kwanchai will be jailed for 2 years and 8 months. Received bail and lodged an appeal.
– Transferring the debt of the Board of Investment (BoI) makes the Bank of Thailand frantic. They request the cabinet reconsider [concerning the movement of government debt from the 1997 crisis].

Thairath, December 29, 2011
– Orders to keep 4 witnesses in a safe house for the Mr. Toon murder case. [referring to the murder of a local official, allegedly at the request of a Democrat MP]
– Deceptive calls about 690k baht kidnap ransom. The police arrested this calling gang, the leader is Chinese.
– Arisman can be bailed out, but he isn’t allowed to go abroad.
– Robbing the bank at Robinson Ratchada for 33 seconds and got almost half a million baht.
– A train crashed a pick up and burned, 1 died and 40 injured.

Daily News, December 29, 2011
– The Appeals Court approves the release of Arisman on 6 million baht bail, but bans him from traveling abroad and from instigating unrest. Red Shirt activist Kwanchai is imprisoned for assaulting yellow shirts and another red shirt supporter is jailed for stealing a rifle and ammunition from the military during the 2010 riots.
– Closed and flooded houses receive a very high charge for electricity.
– The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) yesterday challenged the legal authority of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to run the commercial activities of Chatuchak Market.
– The constitution amendment is starting to create discord. They are afraid that Poo’s government will fail. Big Too [General Prayuth] wants to discuss law section 112 [the lese majeste section].
– Finding the murderer of Mr. Toon. Some witnesses are afraid of illicit power, so they didn’t dare to be questioned. [they are afraid that the politicians involved will kill them or their family members for cooperating with police]

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