Thai-language Headlines of December 28, 2011

Komchadluek, December 28, 2011
– Mr. Kanchit surrendered himself and denied the killing of Toon [the president of the Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organization]
– Seize back Chatuchak Market [from the BMA]. The cabinet gave green light to the Railway of Thailand to manage Chatuchak Market.
– 6 [flood] rehabilitation plans are launched urgently.
– Pheu Thai vows that will create a new constitution in 2013. They will get rid of some senators [presumably the appointed senators].

Matichon, December 28, 2011
– The Democrat Party brought Mr. Kanchit to surrender himself. He denied the killing of Toon, but the police confirm that the bullet and CCTV footage are evidences linked to him.
– The Railway of Thailand is happy that they got back Chatuchak Market. The cabinet gave the green light to start management on 2 Jan 2012.
– Thaksin phoned in to bless Pheu Thai for the New Year and told them to give back happiness to Thai people, make them smile in 2012.
– Chalerm praises [the police] commissioner general and says that he is cool and denies the conflict between them. Reshuffling 20 generals with Pheu Thai henchmen is successful. [Referring to a police reshuffle to move Thaksin loyalists back into the upper ranks of police. Police effectively control which cases go to court so controlling them is one of the keys to power.]

Thairath, December 28, 2011
– Mr. Kanchit met the police and denied that he shot his rival Mr. Toon.
– Dr. Krong clarifies that even with heavy rain next year, there won’t be a big deluge like this year.
– Honda smashed [junked] all flooded cars. [this was done very publicly to put to rest the rumor that the flooded cars who be sold for 80,000 baht each]
– The cabinet finalized authorization for the Railway of Thailand to manage Chatuchak market.
– Discharging 3 governors and appointing new 16 governors. [referring to provincial governors]
– Politicians smile to accept all nicknames of them from the media. [referring to the annual nicknames given out by the media to politicians]

Daily News, December 28, 2011
– The Samut Sakhon MP surrendered to police yesterday after being implicated as the gunman who shot dead Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organization president Udon Kraiwatnussorn.
– The Metropolitan Police Commander denied to answer about the Vigo case. [referring to the incident earlier this week when a person in a Vigo pickup drove around town firing at people randomly]
– The Deputy Speaker of the Senate suggested Pheu Thai reconsider the constitution amendment to discharge some senators. [replace the appointed senators with elected ones]

– BMA tried to hold back Chatuchak Market issue, but the cabinet finalized to assign Railway of Thailand to manager from 2 Jan 2012.

– 100,000 million baht rehabilitation budget was approved easily.

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