Thai-language Headlines of December 27, 2011

Komchadluek, December 27, 2011
– The police have a warrant out for Mr. Kanchit [Democrat MP] who [is alleged to have] killed the Chief Executive of the Provincial Administration Organization of Mahachai [in a political killing].
– A Police colonel’s son was encircled, trampled, and robbed of money and his Blackberry by motorcycle gangsters.
– 4 districts of Prajuabkirikan is the disaster areas.
– “Thaksin’s front line” is the designation of the government [according to annual nicknames given by the media covering government house] Poo isn’t discouraged her nickname [which is “parrot” meaning the PM does not have the ability or influence to speak on her own behalf. Previously the media in parliament nicknames her “Falling MP star.” As the Nation notes: As prime minister and Pheu Thai MP, Yingluck has downplayed the importance of legislative work. She is known for skipping meetings and appears unwilling to promote cooperation between the coalition and the opposition.]
– Traders in JJ market [Chatuchak Market] congregated to request the PM renew the rental contract with BMA [instead of moving it to the SRT].

Matichon, December 27, 2011
– Arrest warrant out for MP Khanchit Thapsuwan, who is suspected of killing the president of the Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organisation on Sunday.
– After media of parliament named some nicknames [for parliament personalities and groups], today media of government house also named some designations. For the government it is “Thaksin’s front line” [meaning the government is under control and acting for Thaksin], for Poo it is “parrot” [meaning the PM does not have the ability or influence to speak on her own behalf].
– The Office Of The Police Commission discussed overnight about the name list of police generals. Chalerm got angry about the shuffle [because he was not satisfied at the result].
– Honda destroyed 1000 flooded cars. [this should put to rest the urban legend that the cars would be sold, as is, for 80,000 baht] The Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development [SCRF] proposed to the cabinet to borrow 350,000 million baht for rehabilitation.

Thairath, December 27, 2011
– Police are hunting the influential Democrat MP Khanchit Thapsuwan who killed the president of the Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organization for his revenge.
– Today’s designation named by media of government house, Poo is “parrot.” Government designation is “Thaksin’s front line.”
– A superintendent’s son was beaten and robbed of money and his iPhone.
– Reshuffle name list of soldiers was held for 15 hours, made Chalerm stressed about it.
– Huge waves continue to smash into Hua Hin and the southern coastline, flooding seaside villages and homes.

Daily News, December 27, 2011
– Quote of the year named by media of government house. The government: “Thaksin’s front line.” Yingluck: “a parrot.”
– Democrat Khanchit sought in murder. Police seek MP in death of Samut Sakhon Pheu Thai politician Udorn.
– The Transport Ministry will submit a proposal to the cabinet today to set up a company under the State Railway of Thailand to operate Chatuchak Market. It wants to take control of the site from the BMA.
– The police have some clues about the psycho criminal who drove a Vigo [pickup truck] and shot continuously at people. The police will make an arrest soon.

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