Thai-language Headlines of December 23, 2011

Komchadluek, December 23, 2011
– Office of the Narcotics Control Board summons Sek to be rehabilitated.  They gave him 7 days. If he rejects, he will get warrant for arrest. [Sek is a Thai singer embroiled in a number of scandals including the release of a photo of him smoking a bong]
–  Chad’s son confirmed that Mr. Chad [his father and former senator] are not involved with the Taopoon casino. The owner of casino will be jailed for 8 months. [referring to famous illegal casino that was raided by police]
– Mr. Sumet opposes the revision of the 112 law [the law covering lese majeste]. He warned not to amend the law for only one person [meaning Thaksin].
– Recovering the relationship with Saudi Arabia. The Office of the Judicial Commission plans for the PM to negotiate next year.

Matichon, December 23, 2011
– Chalerm vows that the constitution must be amended. It will be launched by June 2012. They will amend 291 law first by the end of December 2011.
– Poo will clarify the flood rehabilitation plan on TV this coming Saturday.
– NACC will finalize Supoj’s money case by January 2012.
– The police commander from area 1 confirmed that the Taopoon casino raid was not involved with politics. The owner of that place will be jailed. [the casino has been a long-running institution in Bangkok – both the raid and the lack of arrest of top owners has led some to believe that were are political motives in targeting the casino and then refraining from arresting the ultimate owners]

Thairath, December 23, 2011
– The Office of the Narcotics Control Board summons Sek to rehabilitation. He must report in 7 days.
– Strong arguments on live forums about Thaksin’s passport. Democrats attacked and are strongly opposed to the 112 law amendment.
– Sopon, who was the former Transportation minister, confirmed that Supoj is a good man. [referring to the permanent transport minister who had hundreds of millions of baht in vash in his house]

Daily News, December 23, 2011
– Revealed – Taopoon casino that the police cased in the morning and arrested in the evening. The owner will be jailed for 6 months.
– 152 resorts will be demolished at Wang Nam Kaew [resorts built on protected land]
– Government will propose amending the constitution on 29 December 2011

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