Thai-language Headlines of December 20, 2011

Komchadluek, December 20, 2011
– Sek [Thai singer] accepted that he is drug addicted and is ready for rehabilitation. He was angry with Grammy [his record label], he wanted them to clarify why they sent someone to follow him.
– Kim Jong Ll, who was the leader of North Korea, has passed away because of a heart attack. Hailed Kim Jong-Il’s young son as the “great successor.”
– Arisman [Red Shirt activist] will be in jailed for a long time. The court refused to bail him out.
– A policeman committed suicide because his girlfriend left him and his ex-wife wanted a divorce.

Thairath, December 20, 2011
– The Royal Irrigation Department warns La Niña influences will mean heavy rain and a big volume of water again next year.
– The court confirmed it will not allow Arisman to be bailed out and will continue to jail him.
– The PM is frightened and worried during new year, she ordered an eye kept on the situation 24 hours. [referring to the warnings about bomb attacks]
– Chiang Mai University will help the high school girl who fought with a thief to be able to study at the university. [they are giving a scholarship to a girl who fought back against a thief trying to take her gold chain]

Daily News, December 20, 2011
– Mr. Sek [a Thai singer] admitted that he is addicted to drugs and gave the reason that being a superstar made him need to take drugs.
– North Korean leader Kim Jong has passed away from a heart attack while his third son, Mr. Jong-Un, becomes the great successor. 
– Villagers fight against the demolition of resorts [illegally built in protected forest land] by blocking a road and requesting [the right] to lease the land to have the resort. 
– The Court rejected, for a second time, a bail bid by Red shirt activist Arisman.  

Matichon, December 20, 2011
– Chalerm brought his gardener to a press conference to clear a doubt over a man who was seen standing behind him in a picture that resembles the bomber [arrested last week].
– The court rejected Arisman’s bail. They are afraid that he will escape again.
– The chief of military staff man [Mr. Surachai Kongtes] appeared to give testimony to the police about Tankhun’s henchman case. [referring to the murder of a Democrat henchman in the Don Muang area]
– Poo [PM Yingluck] ordered the cleaning of a water pipe valued at 20 billion baht.  Landslide at Arun temple.

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