Thai-language Headlines of December 2, 2011

Komchadluek, December 2, 2011
– Many police hunt Koh. Some are afraid of him being killed to break the link [police often kill suspects to protect powerful people]. The police brought all witnesses [with them] to hunt [him] with them.
– HTMS Krabi [a ship] will be christened and silver and gold stamps to be launched to celebrate HM the king’s birthday.
– Nut [Thai actor] confirmed that he didn’t run away. His car crash was just an accident.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] is sick again, she fainted, but she will continue to fight.
– Pairoj will be appointed as the president of The Supreme Court.

Matichon, December 2, 2011
– NACC is checking Supoj’s bank account, found 28 million baht. They called the national bank to investigate the source of the money. [referring to the permanent secretary of transport who has millions of baht in cash in his home]
– The protesters at Phaholyothin 48 throng to close the road. They aren’t satisfied because their area is still flooded.
– The court dropped the charges in the robbery of Central [during the Red Shirt rioting]. 7 UDDs [Red Shirts] that violated the state of emergency will be in jailed and 6 are released UDDs [on the dropped robbery charge].

Thairath, December 2, 2011
– NACC found 28 million in Supoj’s bank account. They continue to investigate the source of the money.
– The protesters demolish and antagonist group might fight back in Bangna, 25th kilometer. [referring to the flood situation]
– Unanimous resolution that Pairoj will be appointed as the president of the Supreme Court.
– Democrats denied that they forced to request for rescue bags from the governor. [referring to the scandal over purchase of relief supplies]
– Thailand is cheating more – is the 78th transparent [country] in the world.

Daily News, December 2, 2011
– The police confirmed that Koh hires bodyguards to escape the police. NACC checked his bank account and found the abnormal transaction. [referring to the theft of cash from the permanent secretary of transport]
– History stamps will be launched to celebrate HM the king’s birthday. They will be made with a special technique.
– UDD are happy that the court dropped the charges [that Red Shirts] robbed Central [World during the rioting].
– Froc and BMA will discuss draining water and rehabilitating road number 340.
– The world corruption rank shows that Thailand is the 78th in transparency.

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