Thai-language Headlines of December 19, 2011

Komchadluek, December 19, 2011
– Resolute girl smashed robber to unconsciousness. She fought with a thief, but was stabbed and still admitted [to hospital].
– Tracing two more bomb planners in Bangkok. A guy who was working for Chalerm looks like the bomb planner.
– Meteorological Department warns there will be heavy rain at the south of Thailand from 20-22 December.
– The 16 names of governors [to be appointed by the government] was leaked–many from bribery [meaning those who were picked had to pay bribes to the government]
– Harmony is obstructed by pushing the decree. Democrats obstruct [the move to] help Thaksin.

Matichon, December 19, 2011
– Pheu Thai re-affirmed that Article 309 will be amended in the so-called super constitution which will be discussed on during the parliament meeting on the 20th of December 2011. [Article 309 makes constitutional all acts of the 2006 coup makers as well as the subsequent legal cases against Thaksin. Amending this would be a quick way to annul all charges and cases against Thaksin and effect a quick return for him.]
– Education Minister Woravat said that “At least once day per week, teachers and students must use English to communicate in various activities.”
– The Federation of Thai Industries threatens to oppose the policy of the government to increase the minimum salary to 300 baht per day.
– Pheu Thai spokesman Mr. Prompong exposed the 9-step plan to overthrow the government.
– Ordered to investigate: A photo of Mr. Jirawat who is a man working for Mr. Chalerm.

Daily News, December 19, 2011
– A twelfth grade school girl fought back against the robber who was trying to pull off her gold necklace – She used a helmet as a weapon.
– Cambodia apologized for shooting at Thailand’s helicopter.
– Lieutenant Colonel counter-attacked that the suspected bomb planter is not the man who is working with Mr. Chalerm.
– There will be a big change (re-shuffle) of the high ranking in the police force.
– Exhibition of HM the king’s biography to celebrate HM the king.

Thairath, December 19, 2011
– A resolute M6 girl fought back by using a helmet to smash a thief and he fell down.
– Surapong-Noppadol dare Democrat party about Thaksin’s passport.
– 656 died, 808 missing from tropical storm, Vashi. It’s from the Philippines and it might come to the south of Thailand.
– Pheu Thai ordered to investigate the bomb planner’s picture.

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