Thai-language Headlines of December 16, 2011

Komchadluek, December 16, 2011
– Facebook Satan who deceived to rape secondary school girls and took clips as blackmail was arrested. A 37-year-old man forced 3 girls to pander sexually for three months.
– Yonok University changed its name to Nation University. The Ministry of Education believes that they can make quality students.
– Thaksin got his passport. The Democrats revealed that Buakeaw conspired to dismiss blacklist [of Thaksin] and issue him a new passport.
– Dr. Porntip and her team opened the coffin to perform an autopsy of Tankhun’s henchman again. [referring to the murder of a democrat vote canvasser in Don Muang]

Daily News, December 16, 2011
– Cambodia aggressively shot at a Thai helicopter (luckily it can land safely) while it was delivering foodstuff to soldiers at the border.
– There is a claim that the Foreign Ministry has already issued a passport to Thaksin
– Many people buy national lottery tickets by using the number of a license plate of the taxi that Yingluck sat in during a grand opening.
– The Railway of Thailand admitted that a train’s driver’s carelessness subsequently led to a crash with 7 cars [at Ratacha-Asoke].

Thairath, December 16, 2011
– Jail for 15 years for lese majeste for Daranee Chanchuengsilpakul or Da Torpedo. [Will] Not appeal to fight the case.
– Calamity Facebook! Lecherous man was arrested. He deceived schoolgirls to rape then by using Facebook and taped it to blackmail them. He forced them to do [it] many times.
– A mute man committed a crime of passion by killing another mute man in front of a mute woman with a knife. 
– Five provinces in the north and northeast area are worse because of a cold-spell disaster. 
– There is a reshuffle name list of many of Police Major Generals [the government is promoting many Thaksin loyalists].

Matichon, December 16, 2011
– The Democrat Party exposed the information that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs erased Mr. Thaksin’s name from the blacklist and issued a passport to him accordingly.
– The Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development (SCRF) pushed 5 main strategies to restore Thailand’s economy.
– There is a rumor that the competition for provincial governors of which there are only 16 available positions will likely be won by those who graduated with a political science degree from Chulalongkorn University.
– A deaf man attacked a dumb girl because she refused to go out with him. However, her brother came to help but he was stabbed to death.

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